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2008-05-30 00:32:55 by Juleye

Any one that enjoys the music I make that aslo just happens to have a myspace, would you be so kind as to add my myspace page.
Also i have a page here at ursession.com. Ursession is a new site where artists like me can sign up and users and other artists can vote on and rate tracks. Artists with enough votes have the chance to get a recording contract type thing. So its pretty cool. Theres some other pretty sick artists on there too. So check it out. But be warned if you do join, you'll probably get spammed by people in this stupid 100k Rap Battle. All the contestants are pretty much shite.
So have fun with that, leave me feedback and I'll continue to work on more songs. Peace for now. V


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2008-06-18 01:41:41

Recording contract? I hate to say this but it is very, very hard to get a record deal with ambient music, regardless of the quality. Don't stop refining your craft though, the film industry is in desperate need of good music scores. Have you heard some of the shit that gets used in movies? It's fucken pathetic. You have the potential to become a great composer. Still, I wish you the best of luck for the recording contract.

Juleye responds:

Thats exactly what i hope to do. Most of my music is inspired by film scores. I dont expect much from ursession, but it does get me alot more exposure than myspace. Plus it doesnt limit my song uploads. Ive got my full album on there.